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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Horticulture Magazine's List of Favorite Gardening Blogs

Yes, I hope to some day be on this list, but considering I've only been blogging for a month I'll pass these great references on for others to benefit from. I'll just keep tilling away at the gardening cyber soil and plan on having a bumper crop of great blogs for Horticulture and you to enjoy throughout the year!
A Chef in the Garden
Georgia estate gardener tells it like it is
A Caribbean Garden
A world traveler shares her tropical treasures
Clay and Limestone
Zone 7-ish Tennessean with a passion for native plants
Cold Climate Gardening
Advice about hardy plants for hardy souls
Dig, Grow, Compost, Blog
Days in the life of a north Louisiana gardener
Dirt Therapy
Northwest Alabama no-mow fan
Garden Faerie’s Musings
Michigan garden fanatic and awesome photographer
Garden Rant
Edgy, entertaining and informative
The Gardeners Anonymous Blog
Stories from the Santa Cruz Mountains of California
Gardening Gone Wild
Big names collaborate to share their gardening passions
Idaho Gardener
Way-cool blog design with plantaholic wisdom aplenty
The Manic Gardener
Organic gardening in Montana
May Dreams Gardens
Indiana Zone 5 gardener with great giveaways
Outside Clyde
North Carolina mountaintop gardening at its best
Plants and Stones
Upstate New Yorkers share their garden’s glory
Red Dirt Ramblings
Oklahoman with more than 90 rose bushes
Sin City to Slaterville
Veggies and flowers in New York state
Urban Organic Gardener
NYC veggie gardener making do in small space
The Veggie Patch Re-Imagined
Zone 5a Canadian seeks sustainable edible space
Wild Suburbia
California horticulturist with a knack for natives


At November 19, 2009 at 7:09 AM , Blogger NellJean said...

If you really want to join the ranks of popular bloggers, your Blotanical membership holds the key. I suggest clicking on the Help tab and reading the FAQ. It took 3 readings of Frequently Asked Questions for me to really get the hang of being an active Blotanist.

Most -- I didn't recognize them all -- of the blogs listed in your post are also on Blotanical. It is a great resource.

Nell Jean - Secrets of a Seed Scatterer

At November 19, 2009 at 8:28 AM , Blogger barbara wise said...

Thanks for looking out for me! So much to learn about cyber world.


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