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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 62 - Costa Farms Keeps Christmas Growing

It is a story that now seems ironic and slightly foreshadowing. I was a junior in High School and my good friend, Kathy, was dating my brother's best friend, Cleve. Naturally, he came to me before their first Christmas together wanting to know what would be "a present that would let her know how special she was to him". "A plant!" I responded, "to show her how you want your relationship to grow." Yes, in my girlhood dreams, few things seemed more romantic and meaningful than a beautiful plant. Cleve and I went plant shopping and then found the perfect container to put it in.

I was slightly jealous, not just because I'd always had a little crush on Cleve but, gee, what a lucky girl to get both the guy and the great planting! I couldn't wait to hear how she responded. I ran up to Cleve after Christmas and noticed immediately that he wasn't his usual big brotherly self. He averted my eye contact and slowly the truth came out. She'd cried.... with disappointment.

One of life's early lessons for me - not all people are plant nerds. The irony in all this is that Kathy went on to marry Cleve. I'm thinking that deep in her heart she knew that a plant is a gift grows on you ......(yes, that was a pun).

Which brings me to today's container gardening blog. After a full day of work, a hour long drive taking my son to an event, returning to a house that desperately needed to be finished with Christmas decorating, I found on my doorstep the most delightful of gifts- a Norfolk Island Pine, all sparkly and Christmas-ied up, from the good folks at Costa Farms. Somehow, I think they knew that a plant would be the perfect gift. Plants are a gift that grows with you.

Thank-you, Costa Farms, for helping me remind folks this Christmas to give something growing!

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