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Sunday, December 5, 2010

In Whatever State I Am

I saw the title to Lee Hotchkiss's book, 'In Whatever State I Am' and thought, "That Lee is so clever!"

He and his wive Bev had spent a year traveling the country in an RV and had written a book that included tales of their experience. I've known Lee and Bev for over 2o years - Lee as my Sunday School teacher and friend, Bev as a mature wive and mother who walked beside me during my younger days as a wife and mother with a military husband, especially during the trying days of Desert Storm. When I heard about Lee's book, I was somewhat expecting ear- tickling stories that left me with an applicable point to ponder at the end. What I hadn't expected was to be so deeply moved to examine my life and priorities and to re-examine where I put my relationship with God in those priorities. Honestly, I SHOULD have known what to expect - this is Lee Hotchkiss who is writing! He has always been about looking at the truth of who God is and how does my relationship with God affect the way I live and interact with others.

In this book, Lee takes us on this journey with him by walking us through the real life questions and struggles that he and Bev encountered during their travels. But with the giftedness of a good teacher, he clearly provides principles that work as our road map in guiding us to understanding what genuine contentment entails. With the cleverness of a wise teacher, he provides reflective questions that serve to prepare us for the next lesson in our understanding of contentment.

So why am I writing about a book on contentment in a gardening blog? Simple. Lee's book is about blooming where you are planted. It's even more about knowing Who planted you there and trusting Him to take you through the seasons and storms of life. This is a book for those who are willing to examine the roots of their faith, who want to grow in the soil of contentment, and who long for a fruitful life that will feed the hearts of others.



At December 5, 2010 at 4:29 PM , Blogger Lee and Bev said...

Thank you, Barbara, for your kind words of affirmation and support. It has been a privilege and honor to know you and your family all these years. Blessings, Bev


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