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Saturday, October 1, 2011

When Life Reflects Fiction

It was like a scene taken from the literary files of William Goldings' Lord of the Flies. We are sitting around a table trying to work out details for upcoming projects: we are not children on a deserted island but are equals in our positions having to work out the details that have been previously outlined for us to accomplish. The interaction begins as to who needs what to survive - which in the business world means getting your assigned tasks done in the time allotted with efficiency and quality output. A tense debate ensues as I begin to stress that we have a guideline to follow - of course I see myself as the protagonist, insisting that we follow the rules set before us and work as a civilized group toward the common good. The antagonist of the group proclaims that he is a realist - that what must be done is based on his reality of what he sees to be done. It is his greater knowledge of what lies before us that we must follow, protecting us from the "Beast", otherwise known as our ignorance of all the needs and demands upon him that he must fullfill to portray his supremacy in our group.
It is an interesting dynamic and I find within myself that survival instinct, to fall into his modus operandi and fight for my way - which would be to follow the guidelines set before us. While I still can self-righteously proclaim that I am fighting for the common good, my instinct is ruled more by anger, which proves ineffective in a business workplace and causes me to lose proper perspective.
I come to realize that I am not going to get much support for my position from others at the table when there arises the character most like Golding's Piggy who, while not given to fighting, is a peace-maker at heart and helps to bring us to a workable solution.
In the end, what the antagonist seems not to realize is that his tasks are brought to fruition not by only his own hand but because of the tireless effort of the group. Much was sacrificed so that he could succeed.
Golding shows that fiction is just daily reality with names and locations changed.



At October 1, 2011 at 8:02 PM , Blogger That Bloomin' Garden said...

Oh my, this is so true in many business situations. It's seeing the whole picture and working as a team. Not always as easy as it seems.


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