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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Around The Garden World - Day 39 (Seaside, Florida)

 My work, especially this time of year, is about learning. Learning what looks/colors/style my clients like and want, learning what my boss is expecting (wish I could do a Vulcan mind read sometimes), learning who is the most impatient to get their flowers in and learning how to schedule 350 clients in 6-7 weeks during the expected planting time. Learning who works together best within my crews - which by the way, I have some pretty awesome installation crews - learning how many hours I can get away with working in the evening before I start to go bonkers, and learning how to not micromanage every installation. But the rest of the year I love to learn more about plants and creative ways to landscape and garden.
One place that is all about learning in the garden is The Corner Garden in Seaside, Florida - part of the Seaside school program. 

 Using materials close at hand make this garden a learning lesson in environmental responsibility.

Great classroom space

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