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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Around The Garden World - Day 64

This week-end my sister and I moved momma into an assisted living home. It was emotionally and physically exhausting, especially as we had to constantly try to help Momma understand where she was, deal with her constant fears, and try to make her new place feel as much like "home" as we could. After all the pictures had been hung and furniture placed, Momma and I walked out into one of the lovely courtyard gardens that surround this senior living facility. As we took in the scents and sights of soft pink camellias and the last hurrah of summer roses, Momma went from anxious and agitated to peacefully remembering the gardens of her youth. I was once again reminded of the importance of plants in creating a atmosphere of welcome and permanence. 
Around the world there are gardens that will wow those that visit them. I was so thankful for that this place created gardens that provide plants that are familiar, that pull back the curtains of age so that faded memories could come to light.

(My 12 year old niece was with us this weekend and was showing me how to make short movie trailers from my phone. This video is my first assignment from her tutorial. )

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