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Monday, November 11, 2013

Around The Garden World - Day 66 (Laurel, Mississippi)

A year after Katrina hit Mississippi, I visited my friend Joanna Cranford's childhood home in Laurel, Mississippi. Her mom was eager to show us a horticultural oddity that resulted from the hurricane that blasted through this town from Katrina. 
 There is a rose growing inside the guest bedroom.

 This window hasn't been opened in years.
 But somehow this rose stem blew through the closed window and spent the next year growing and blooming in this room

 I also has able to enjoy this colorful garden up the street with camellias and redbuds

 The winter vegetable garden ready for spring

 pretty late winter garden rooms

 Blooming Rosemary

 And this eclectic garden:

 Classic on one street, and quirky on the next!

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