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Sunday, October 4, 2009

October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

When my older sister was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I went around in a stupor for days. This couldn't be happening - not to Susan the strong, the marathon runner, the family camp director, the one we all rely on to plan our large family get-togethers. I was working at a nursery at the time and I remember unloading a truck of perennials when I saw a familiar pink color among the myriad of Hosta tags. There before me was a lovely Hosta named "Remember Me", and I started to cry. Someone out there in plant world grabbed hold of the truth that plants bring us hope, and the yearly return of a bright happy Hosta in a dark shady spot is a what I needed to plant. For every "Remember Me" sold, a portion of the proceeds goes to Breast Cancer Research "The Cure".
Recently I learned that Proven Winners is providing the first true pink Annabelle Hydrangea and named it Invincibelle Spirit. Having watched my sister and other dear friends battle both successfully and unsuccessfully with breast cancer, I am always amazed at the strength of spirit I see in their lives - they are truly invincible spirits. This new Hydrangea not only has the tough nature of the Annabelle hydrangea, but the rosy pink blooms are as unique and special as the ones we plant them for.
So plant with a purpose this month - to encourage, to remember, to bring beauty, and to bring hope.
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