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Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 76 - Who Can Contain Their Christmas Cheer?

My friend, Amy Law, calls this Christmas family the "Scarey Family". She says there is something about their plastic smiles that really creeps her out. I feel the same way about plastic plants. Fortunately, the only thing fake here are the Christmas carolers (oh, and the little twig animals.) These containers have a living, growing, blooming Camellia Winter's Snowman, Carex Frosted Curls, Bergenia, and Heuchera that make a beautiful evergreen winter container (and pretty year round). This combo needs protection from winter winds (don't want them to freeze up like the smiles on that "Scarey Family") and prefers shade/partial sun conditions.

I'm thinking that these little Christmas carolers are just wishin' they were as well "contained" in their Christmas cheer as these planters.
(My son groaned and rolled his eyes when I read him this line...)



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