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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 186 - Potting Party Particulars

I'm having a party and YOU are invited. Just come to the BloomNGarden Expo this Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (April 8-10) and sign up for one of 3 classes held on Friday and Saturday or 1 class on Sunday. Class size is limited so sign up when you first walk in.

For $25 you will get soil, plants, extremely witty and creative instructions from a humble plant nerd, and a planting insert like the one above. We use these in a whole lot of our container plantings because it makes changing out plantings so much easier!
This planting is filled with a wide plant assortment that includes Maple Sugar Hibiscus, petunias, coleus, Alocasia, and we'll help you figure out whether any of the other plants shown here should be paired with all these plants.
Can't wait to Party-down! Or should I say Pot-ty down? (yuk,yuk,yuk)

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