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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Growing Zone - Day 15

As I mentioned on the first day of The Growing Zone, life right now has me in a growing zone - as a profession and professionally. Everyday I'm being challenged to understand WHY I do what I do as well as learning new aspects of what my job entails in garden installation. I love the challenge of digger deeper to not just know what I need to know, but to understand it. It seems to me that knowledge may make me work smarter, but understanding will make me work more effectively.

So why am I showing you pictures of Christmas decorations used with fresh greenery? Because sometimes you have to take things from the growing zone and use them in ways you haven't quite imagined - like using fresh cut greenery from cypress, junipers, and magnolias to fill your windowboxes for Christmas. Or Nandina berries to accent your mailbox arrangement
Like taking the lessons I've been learning and applying them to life close at home. I've been challenged professionally to let go and entrust the things that I love to others capable of getting things done that need to be done.
Today I'm having to take that part of the growing zone that I'm learning in my work and use it in my family life. Tough health news and tough job forecasts with hubby's work make me realize how much all of life's lessons need to intersect. I'm clipping off branches from my professional growing zone and bringing them home - learning to let go and entrust the things I love to others capable of getting things done that need to be done.
The Growing Zone just got bigger.



At November 16, 2011 at 1:51 PM , Anonymous Darla said...

Stepping outside of our comfort zone is never easy...


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