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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Around The Garden World - Day 47 (Bruce Munro, Cheekwood, Nashville)

 Cheekwood Botanical Gardens is hosting the Bruce Munro Art exhibit "Light".

 Cheekwood is a 55 acre estate built by the Maxwell House Coffee Fortune.
 We had the unique privilege of having the very natural "Light" of a full moon during our visit to the gardens.

 160 miles of fiber optic cable was used in Light exhibit.
 I was able to see just a few of the annual plantings.
Water-Towers: 40 structures builts from 10,000 one-liter bottles filled with water and fiber optics connected to LED projectors and audio systems. 

 And of course there were pumpkin displays

Light reservation - tipi-like structures made from spent flourescent tubes 

 Fireflies exhibit - in the Japanese bamboo garden

 "Blue Moon" in the Japanese garden dry lake

"Candlelight" in Japanese Garden Pavilion

 "Field of Light"

 "Bell Drop Chandelier"

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