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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 53 - I Do Love Winter Containers!

One of the benefits of planting winter containers is that you can often combine plant material in a planter that would not thrive well together during the spring and summer. In this planting I have Camellia Yuletide (a shade/part sun shrub), Euphorbia Ascot Rainbow (a full sun plant), Heuchera Electic Lime and Heucherella Golden Zebra (both part sun plants), and Pansy Matrix Ocean (full sun annual). On this protected West face porch, these plants get enough sun to flower and color up well but the camellias are protected from wind and morning sun that often will burn frost covered buds. I've found that my containerized camellias do better in this environment than the ones on the East facing porch during the winter months.

This Euphorbia will develop a rosy tone as the months get colder.



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