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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 129 - I Forgot to Post About These From Day 126

I know. I promised that I would tell you about the other containers from Day 126. But then I stayed up too late and was was mourning the Steeler's loss on Day 127 and on Day 128 I kept thinking about all that I missed for Super Sow Sunday.
Now you can rest assured that I keep my promises.

Camellia, Black Mondo grass, Lonicera Edmee Gold, Heuchera, Carex grass, and Helleborus 'Silver Lace'

Acuba 'Mr. Goldstrike', Acorus grass, Heuchera, Red Twig Dogwood, Purple Wintercreeper, and a few little violas stuck in there.

Acuba 'Mr. Goldstrike', Heuchera, Autumn fern, Vinca Illumination



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