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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 220 - Just Wait 'till You See This at It's Home

Well, I guess these containers lack what my mother would call "presentation" - its like serving prime rib on a paper plate. But these planters won't get over to the St. Jude Dream home until tomorrow and I needed something to post tonight so I snapped this picture as they sat in front of one of the racks of plants at my greenhouse. Most of the plants in this picture were donated by Monrovia - 'Bloodgood' Japanese maple, Frasier's Photinia, Flower Carpet Amber, Cordyline 'Southern Splendor', 'Limemound' Spirea, and I added the new Kokomo Sunset Daylily, and Calibrachoa. These are going on the back porch of the St Jude Dream home so come by and see them in real life! And maybe tomorrow I'll make momma happy and show these with a little more deserving "presentation".



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