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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 297 - More Molbak Magic

This display was a smörgåsbord of container ideas

Feel free to grill the staff for some great container ideas.


Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 296 - Tabletop Temptations at Molbaks


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 295 - Too Hot In TN, I'm Pretending I'm Still In Seattle

Japanese Maple Tree, lysimachia, begonias, heuchera, sage, and a few other unidentified beauties fill these pots

These gorgeous container plantings were in the outdoor sitting area of the Molbak Nursery outside of Seattle.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 294 - Gardens To Go

Have Knot garden, will travel.

A new twist on gardens to go at Lorene Edwards Forkner's home, author of Handmade Garden Prodects


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Learning To Tell The Story

This past week at the Seattle Garden Blogger's Fling, David Perry challenged us to tell our own story through our pictures. After hearing him speak, I spent the next several hours in a magical misty world of the Bloedel Reserve looking through my lens to frame the story that I wanted to tell. And a story did emerge, but that will be for another post when I'm not 36 hours into no sleep from the red-eye flight back from Seattle. Tonight's post is a reflection of the story that my husband heard upon my return. It seems that though the objective of this trip was to learn about, see, and record the incredible gardens of Seattle, what I seemed to enjoy the most was the relationships with fellow bloggers that grew from hearing each other's stories.

Lunch at the home of Denise Lane - a park-like garden filled with surprises at every turn.
Miss Sassypants aka Jean McWeeney

Lunch on the grounds (literally) of Dunn Gardens
Carol Michel telling stories to Anneliese Valdes and Shayna Lashway in gardens of Michelle and Christopher Epping.
Layanee and Cindy enjoy a break from the toasty 78 degree weather of Seattle.
Danielle Smith Ernest of Proven Winners Plants treated us to a blooming treat at Dragonfly Farms Nursery. She's being interview here by Theresa Loe of Growing a Greener World at the Epping's home.
Lisa Wagner and I enjoyed checking out the planters at the University Shopping Mall near Ravenna Gardens. This hanging basket is bigger than she is!
Lorene Edwards Forkner treated us to a sneak preview of her new book, Handmade Garden Projects- we got to see all the finished projects at her home
Melissa's not too sure that this un-airconditioned trailer life at Lorene's garden would last too long in her Houston environment
Katie posing beautifully and Theresa trying to sneak out of the picture. Gotcha!
Lorene welcoming us to her homeMy Molbak mates!

West Seattle Farmer's Market - Tonnemaker Family Orchard
A very special treat during lunch at Bloedel Reserve was listening Victoria Summerly's ethereal piano playing.
Dee Nash captures the moment at Bloedel Reserve

The lovely Robin Ripley at Lorene's homeSusan Cohan and Andrea Fox solved most of the world's problems in the sanctuary of Denise Lane's garden.
Helen Battersby and I are already plotting our next gardening adventure, and I'm sure she was telling me something vitally important in this picture .... oh yes, "I wish we could grow this Acuba in Canada". Friends let friends despair over unattainable plants. It's just one more excuse to meet up and commiserate together at some new incredible garden spot.

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Day 293 - "Where Abnormality is Normal"

today's 365 Days of Container Gardening comes from Dragonfly Farms again, with a little of their unique garden art. I was amazed by the variety and unique plant selection they had available and loved their display gardens and containers.


Day 292 - Dragonfly Nursey In Seattle Has Fun With Containers!

Cool sedum display was a hidden find on the side of their office.
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