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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Year of Gardens - Day 5

Today's post highlights one of Tennessee's best kept secrets - the botanical gardens at University of Tennessee Knoxville. Incredible collection of hostas, roses, and conifers, an AAS trial garden, a test garden for annuals and perennials, an edible garden that is wheelchair accessible, ever-changing works of art, and some displays that are just plain ol' fun!
I Love The UTK Gardens

In the greenhouse they are testing how light wavelength effects the nutritional value of food.

Japanese maples in the garden

a garden native

Don't get trapped in the maze!

Fall blooming iris

Iris 'Double Your Fun'
Metal Rose Sculpture

Those plants that get stuck in your head

Thumbelina's garden

 All-American Selections Edible Trials
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Red Salvia

The Rose Garden

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