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Saturday, September 18, 2010

MacGyver Gardening

Has anyone noticed that the notion of recycling/re-purposing is being marketed as a new, contemporary idea? I'm thinking that re-purposing was actually kindled back in the mid-80's with the TV drama "MacGyver". Angus MacGyver continually amazed me with his ability to catch international criminals with something like a ball of twine, an old bicycle wheel, and a ballpoint pen. The idea that I could utilize common items that are just lying around to deal with a pressing need left a deep impression on me.
That being said, when I decided last week to add another several hundred sq. ft. of raised beds to my vegetable garden with no extra cash for bordering material, I simply got in touch with my inner MacGyver. "What do I see around me that I can use to make raised beds?" In the back corner of our holding area are an assortment of leftover cement blocks. And piled up like a mausoleum in waiting are a ton of granite blocks leftover from some project that no one can remember. I use a front end loader to put both type blocks in my truck and head for home.

The cement blocks were heavy but I was a woman on a mission.
Then I started on the granite.
Have you ever manhandled granite? No wonder they use this for gravestones - nobody's coming up out of the ground with a stone this heavy over their casket.
With MacGyver like ingenuity I grab the dolly from the garage and start stacking.
Hours later, back aching, I finish the bed as hubby drives up. He takes a look and remarks, "You building a crypt for your dead plants?"
There are a few times when it's good that I don't have a shovel in my hands....

(Just in case Billy Goodnick sees this and wants to put me in his "Crimes Against Horticulture" list, I'm not finished yet!! I'm sitting here thinking, "What would MacGyver do?" to make this more appealing. I guess I should consider that Halloween is right around the corner)