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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oh, Deer! What's a Gardener To Do?!

You've spend over 10 hours preparing soil, lugging plants to each area, digging and planting, watering everything in, collapse into bed, wake up to enjoy a cup of tea in your lovely garden and....
... it's gone.
There was a good reason why Bambi was being hunted.
Now don't go calling PETA on me because Ruth Rogers Clausen has written a book on non-violent ways to keep deer from eating up your garden. Well, actually it's a book on

"50 Beautiful Deer-Resistant Plants"

and Timber Press is offering a giveaway this week with a chance to win some very exciting prizes: a copy of 50 Beautiful Deer-Resistant Plants by Ruth Rogers Clausen and a pair of gloves from Womanswork! (I LOVE these gloves.)

To win, you can complete several actions by Wednesday, August 17, and be entered up to four times!

  • One entry for “liking” the Timber Facebook page
  • One entry for following the Timber Twitter account
  • One entry for subscribing to the Timber newsletter
  • One entry for subscribing to the blog feed for Timber Press via an RSS feed like Google Reader

Entrants must return to the Timber blog post and leave a comment letting them know you’ve done these things!

Just think - winning this book could save you lots of money on Deer-repellent and maybe even save Bambi from becoming the next movie star that suffers a tragic demise. Hurry on over to Timber Press to enter!

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